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You can watch the series on Instagram or TikTok

Do you remember those choose your own adventure books? I wanted to do something like that, so I created a series that I shared on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and asked people to choose the next steps in my design process. They picked the illustration style, color palette and then what the final usage of the illustration. 

Textured Floral Vase Illustration

Pick the Next Steps in my Design Process

Final Illustration

Original Sketch

The first thing I asked my audience was to choose the final illustration style. Here were the options and here are the results.

Textured Shapes Illustration

Next I asked what they would pick for the final color palette. 

Finally I asked if I should turn the final illustration into a carry-all pouch, wrapping paper, notebook design or phone case. The majority of my audience picked the notebook design, so I turned the illustration into a repeat pattern and mocked up a notebook design.

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